Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Date: 3 Apr 2020 Raspberry Pi OS: Raspbian Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 Description: GPIO Numbering/Pinout The Raspberry Pi has two common pin numbering systems, commonly called pinouts. Some pins are dedicated for certain functions for I2C, SPI, while others are able to perform general input/output. The lines become blurry as the general pins can be […]

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Blink LED with Python and RPi GPIO Library

Project Name: Blinking LED Language: Python 3 Date: 29 Mar 2020 Raspberry Pi OS: Raspbian Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 Library: RPi GPIO This article provides the steps to connect a red Light-Emitting-Diode (LED) and have it turn on and off using the Python programming language. The tutorial will provide the steps to setup the circuit, […]

How did Scientific Specialties start?

Scientific Specialties started off as a company that does consulting to create computer programs and electronics. The short answer is that Scientific Specialties started from friends, family, and colleagues kindly suggesting that I should share my projects and create more for people online. The company is founded by Eugene Dakin and most of the work […]